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  Sponsor / Winner / Title

PSNM • American Art Collector Magazine

Betty Lehnus

Cracked Eggs

PSNM • Southwest Art Magazine

Allen Garns

Late Afternoon

PSNM • Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine

Katherine Irish

Golden Evenfall

PSNM • Terry Ludwig Pastels

Sarah Blumenschein


Great American Art Works • Global Art Materials

Jody Martins


Blick Art Materials • Jeffrey Potter Memorial Award
Hahnemühle USA

Clare Scott

Autumn Farm

Bardean, Inc. • Liliedahl Video Productions • Atlantic Papers

Annie Chirieleison

Sunny Side Up

Cheap Joe's Art Stuff • FrameTek, Inc.

Donna Yeager

Mother's Love

H. K. Holbein, Inc. • Global Art Materials • Graphik Dimensions Ltd.

Christine Ivers

All in a Row

Jack Richeson & Co., Inc. • New Mexico Art League • FrameTek, Inc.

Dennis Rhoades

Rhythmic Shadows

Carr Imaging, LLC • El Mirador Picture Framing
Diane Townsend Artists' Pastels • Teresa's Frame Shop

Charles "Bud" Edmondson

Red Trailer

Jack Richeson & Co., Inc. • FrameTek, Inc.
New Mexico Watercolor Society

Margi Lucena

Rocky Start

H. K. Holbein, Inc. • Hahnemühle USA
Rio Grande Art Association

Lyle Brown

Sunlit Barn

Jack Richeson & Co., Inc. • ArtFrames

Nancie King Mertz

Arizona Light

Armadillo Art & Craft • Pastel Society of America

Paul Murray

Las Vegas, New Mexico

Guerrilla Painter, LLC • Global Art Materials • Pastel Journal

Eveline Miller

Hunting Island Late Day

Guerrilla Painter, LLC • Ampersand Art Supply • FrameTek, Inc.
Liliedahl Video Productions

Donna Aldrich

Koi Cascade

H. K. Holbein, Inc. • UART Paper

Barbara Bagan

Patchwork Pears

Blick Art Materials • ProArt Panels
Plein Air Painters of New Mexico

MaryJean Davis

Beginning a Thought

PanPastel • Hahnemühle USA
Pastel Society of the West Coast

Reneé Mullis

Agave Blue

Guerrilla Painter, LLC • Atlantic Papers

Vasili Katakis

A Quiet Place

Blick Art Materials • Liliedahl Video Productions
Hahnemühle USA • Pastel Journal

Carol Abitabilo Ast

Freight House #3, Hole in the Roof





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